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Overview: An out of this world visual novel and dating sim by AmazingHoffman.

Overview is currently my main project. You play as one of the first astronauts on the next international space station, the ISS2. It will be a fairly long visual novel, I suppose it will be about three hours long in the end. Maybe you'll not only be able to work in space, but maybe you'll also find love...

The game is about 20% done, so it'll take a while until it will be done. While you wait, how about enjoying my other 24h project "Like Steps in the Snow"? ;)

In Solitudine Pax: https://insolitudinepax.itch.io
Like Steps in the Snow: https://insolitudinepax.itch.io/like-steps-in-the-snow

Social Media:
Overview: https://twitter.com/OverviewVN
In Solitudine Pax: https://twitter.com/InSolitudinePax
Like Steps in the Snow: https://twitter.com/StepsInThSnowVN
AmazingHoffman: https://twitter.com/AmazingHoffman